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Owatonna, Minnesota Legal Resources

At Smith, Tollefson, Rahrick & Cass, we believe that matters can be resolved more quickly and efficiently if our clients are informed. Smaller disputes can sometimes be resolved without the necessity and expense of a lawyer. We offer the following links to external sites to better inform you on your rights and remedies.


Steele County District Court
Go to the Court Administrator's Office for assistance in filing a conciliation court action. You can represent yourself in conciliation court for actions involving the recovery of sums up to $7500.

The Minnesota Courts Home Page has links to appellate courts and general court information.

Legal Aid

Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services

SMRLS is the Legal Aid organization for Southeast Minnesota. It assists people who are unable to afford a lawyer with their critical legal needs.

Consumer Protection

There are several good general sites with information on fighting scams and other frauds. They include the following:

The Minnesota Department of Commerce investigates and punish improper conduct by realtors, securities dealers, investment advisors, and insurance companies and agents. Check out the Department's home page, their publications and consumer information page, and their description of the complaint process and how to file a complaint.

For other types of consumer fraud, the Minnesota Attorney General can assist you. Link to the Attorney General's Consumer Complaints page, read up on the complaint process to learn how to file a complaint, and then download the complaint form itself.

State Register

The State Register provides up-to-date notices of rules and changes in Minnesota Law.

Federal Laws

The United States Constitution

The United States Code

Research of Congressional Records and hearings can be done online at

Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Register

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